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Addiction Rehabilitation

A safe and protected rehabilitation for addiction recovery is most effective way of helping the individuals suffering from addiction problems. The Siliguri Serenity Foundation boasts of a luxurious, well-equipped and hygienic rehab with all the facilities to keep a constant check and record of recovery growth of the on-going addiction treatment along with the psychological, mental and physical and social elements associated with it.

In the particular condition of Drug and Alcohol addiction, a rehab centre plays a major role in deliberate monitoring by the professionals and experts 24/7. Going to a drug rehab permits you to go through cleansing in a safe atmosphere where you can acceptexpert medical conduct and care even during withdrawal.

Benefits of Addiction Rehab

  • - Treatment programs emphasize creating daily routines full of productive activities and counselling sessions to help keep patients engaged and eliminate distractions.
  • - Patients will be in a safe and supportive environment surrounded by people who understand exactly what each other are going through.
  • - Countless therapy options available through rehab programs, which is extremely important to monitor under expert guidance.
  • - Rehabs ensure 24/7 medical support
  • - Close access in case of emergency situations
Addiction Rehabilitation

Highlights of Siliguri Serenity Foundation

  • - Custom-built programs to facilitate the ease of recovery and enhance the rate of successful records.
  • - Access to highly-qualified medical team and staff for complete detoxification.
  • - Our methods ensure the long-term wellness for patients by a comprehensive range of facilities.
  • - One-on-one therapy sessions focussed on internal development and building of social qualities.
  • - Comfortable lodging facilities to ensure the inpatients recover in a positive and clean atmosphere.

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