Food Is fuel not Therapy

Food Habits Program

The need for the mind and body to function properly is very necessary specially during the addiction recover. In order for the brain and body to function normally, it needs proper food and nutrition. Food fuels the body through the day by breaking down foods into glucose. The glucose is then released into the bloodstream to be used for energy, or to be stored in the body for later.

The body needs a variety of foods to flourish. While carbohydrates are great for a short-term spurt of energy, the body also wants proteins and healthy fats to reserve for later use. Upholding a balanced diet is key to creating a healthy lifestyle in addiction recovery. We emphasize on healthy nutritive meals best suitable for the requirements of your body.

Why Food Habits Matter?

  • - Proper nutrition provides their body with much needed energy for the individual to feel better mentally, physically, and emotionally.
  • - Strengthening of the immune system
  • - Rebuilding damaged tissue and organs
  • - Regaining the proper functioning of various systems in the body, such as the gastrointestinal and nervous systems

Managing your nutrition at Siliguri Serenity Foundation

  • - Expert dietician and food experts to help you select the best diet favourable for you.
  • - Constant nutritional guideline from the beginning to the post-treatment.
  • - Hygienic and fresh meals served for the betterment of individuals.
  • - We keep all your food allergies in mind and suggest you accordingly.
  • - The rehab staff controls all aspects of diet and food options to establish a successful recovery.

Switch to healthy lifestyle and it begins with food.

Contact us today and seek professional and expert guidance by improving your food habits and increasing the efficiency of treatment.

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