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Disciplined Life Program

At every task you take up in life, it cannot be successfully accomplished without hard-work, sincerity and dedication. All these have one thing in common. It requires discipline. Similarly, in the addiction treatment procedure, there is a major place for disciplinary life. At Siliguri Serenity Foundation, we believe that incorporating a disciplined life program for the ones concerning can ease the whole treatment. We base our recovery stages on the practice of discipline in the living.

Why Discipline Life?

  • - Greater strength to handle stressful physiological and emotional situations during the treatment
  • - Such individual will be far better able to handle failure or setbacks.
  • - Helps boost self-confidence and self-esteem and make their body language healthy.
  • - Increased tenacity to deal with unpredicted scenarios.
  • - Easier to delay gratification because they know that the end result will be worth the wait.
Why Discipline Life?

How do we help incorporate self-discipline in recovery?

  • - We set them realistic goals, and they get a reward if they manage to accomplish the task.
  • - Attending classes in yoga, martial arts, or mediation can greatly increase self-discipline.
  • - Encourage activities that enhance goal-orientation. The discipline comes naturally as they put efforts towards achieving goals.
  • - Making them spend time with those who have already managed to develop this attribute.
  • - We chart and track their progress to evaluate the kind of attention required.

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