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Yoga & Meditation Program

Research shows that meditation can become a treasuredpractice for people affected by substance use disorders to help manage desires and reduce the risk of relapse.Usually classified as an alternative therapy to treating addiction, Meditation & Yoga have a major place in the treatment process of addiction. It is the risk-free, non-medicated way and is one of the most effective programs even after the period of post-rehab.

At Siliguri Serenity Foundation, we offer anall-inclusive approach to addiction treatment and recovery, which comprises a collection of traditionaltherapies. We provide mindfulness meditation and yoga as a part of a separate program for those seeking treatment for addiction.

Why Meditation & Yoga?

  • - This treatment technique has the best long-term and irreversible positive effect on the addiction sufferers.
  • - Individuals can lead the program without equipment or specialized tools, and carry forward even after they return home from rehab.
  • - This form of therapy is especially beneficial for overcoming relapse triggers, reducing anxiety, or dealing with symptoms of a co-occurring disorder.
  • - It is the most portable form of therapy and heals the complete mind along with the body.
  • - You can achieve a state of consciousness and stability that helps you at every stage in life.
Yoga Meditation

The therapeutic program at Siliguri Serenity Foundation

  • - A guided meditational session, people in recovery are taught to focus on their emotions, sensations, and thoughts happening right now.
  • - Professional yoga experts with years of experience helps with incorporating all the exercises with patience and care.
  • - Complete surreal surroundings and yoga meditation kit is provided by us.
  • - We focus on stretching that improve muscle tone and strengthens bone but at the same we also lay equal stress on breathing asanas and mindfulness.
  • - We track and record the progress of one’s physical, mental, and spiritual growth.

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